An expert in measurement technology working in Australia

For a professional measurement technology service in Australia

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd was fomerly known as Precision Calibration Service Newcastle Pty Ltd and has long been regarded in Australia as a forerunner in  instrumentation, weighing and measurement technology. Our head office was Founded and established Newcastle NSW in 1985, the company has expanded to include a sales and service technicians in Victoria to assist in servicing Australia wide.

Quality calibration services

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd is one of the leading specialist providers of calibration services, and one of a handful of Australian owned companies accredited with NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) in a broad area of metrology such as, force measuring devices, masses and engineering metrology equipment. We are also able to test a range of items traceable to national standards. These items include electrical test devices such as multimeters, clamp & Megger meters, temperature equipment like autoclaves, ovens, thermometers etc. Our range of calibration services are amongst the largest available in Australia.

Customer satisfaction

Many customers have chosen PCS Measurement Pty Ltd as one of their preferred sub-contractors due to value for money, exceptional personalised service support, a comprehensive array of measurement technology and testing equipment supported with service and calibration. A 'Can Do" attitude amongst the directors and staff has PCS Measurement Pty Ltd enjoying a committed level of support from our customers.

Efficient services

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd  are also capable of complex upgrades to Mechanical Style Testing machines, enabling complete automation of testing machines which dramatically reduces test times and reporting problems.

If you require an item calibrated that is not listed or described on our website, please contact us to discuss your measurement technology requirements.