Australia's widest range of weighing , Testing & instrumentation products

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd Products

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd supply products to a huge variety of industries such as civil & geo-technical, manufacturing, mining, laboratory, materials testing and research, agriculture and maintenance.
We are able to supply products to provide products which provide a complete solution to  your design, supply and commissioning needs, with in-house developed data acquisition  and  reporting software packages if required.  All Our products and equipment are available throughout Australia  get in touch with us today.
A valued added service is PCS Measurement Pty Ltd are able to provide a comprehensive after sales service including; calibration, maintenance contracts, and staff training.

Here are just a few of the products we can supply and service, give us a call today and find out more.


Electrical Test Equipment – Multimeters, Insulation Testers, RCD Testers, clamp  meters field calibrators, process meters, micro ohm meters, multifunction testers.
Force – Compression and tensile testing machines, Dynamometers, Load cells
Hardness – Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness machines and test blocks, Shore A & D Durometers
Impact - Testing Machines , Test Blocks
Masses- Brass, cast  iron, stainless steel with many different sizes available.
Measuring Equipment -   External micrometers, Internal micrometers, Depth micrometers, Vernier calipers, tape measures, feeler gauges, dial gauges, gauge blocks, levels, digital protractors, Steel Rules, Straight edges, Engineers square, Ring Gauges, Setting bars, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Lux meters, anemometers, Sound Level meters and calibrators, Humidity / Dew point meters
Pressure gauges – Digital Manometers , Transmitters, Relief valves, switches , Vacuum gauges
Temperature – Digital thermometers, Infared  temperature guns, surface temperature     probes, thermocouples, Thermocouple wire, RTD’s, temperature switches,
Torque - Torque wrenches, Torque Meters, Torque Multipliers
Weighing - Balances, Load cells scales & weighing equipment