Measuring Equipment

PCS Measurement Pty Ltd are distributors of the highest quality measuring equipment available in Australia. Brands include Mitutoyo and Metrology .
We have a team of 14 staff that are highly trained and dedicated and can advise you on the most appropriate equipment for your needs. Call our team today for more information on the products listed and many more.

Distributors for Mitutoyo Equipment

• Depth Gauges
• Micrometers
• Digital Vernier Calipers
• Dial Gauges
• Height Gauges
• Digital Micrometers
• Setting Bars
• Gauge Blocks
• Ring Gauges
• Steel Rules
• Feeler Gauges
• Digital Protractor


Distributors for Metrology Equipment

• Digital Micrometers
• Dial Gauges
• Digital Height Gauges
• Digital Dial Gauges
• Digital Vernier Calipers


Other Equipment

• Anemometers
• Tachometers
• Lux Meters
• PH Meters
• Viscometers
• Humidity meters
• Sound Level Meters
• Laser Levels
• Ultrasonic thickness gauge
• Trumeter
• Tape Measures
• Straight edges
• Plug Gauges


Digital vernier Mitutoyo Digital Dial Gauge Height Gauge AND HR-250AZ