Compression Testing Machine

For Sale - Compression Testing Machine

Many technicians and quality control professionals are finding that they are unable to perform certain tests according to recent ASTM and ISO specifications due to the older testing machine controls. Systems that have been around for decades may no longer meet accuracy requirements nor do they support streamlined, repeatable testing in the same manner that new technologies allow.


However, instead of purchasing a brand new materials testing system, quality control staff would often prefer the more cost-effective option of retrofitting their current machine. PCS Measurement Pty Ltd has provided retrofit services to numerous customers in various states Australia wide. PCS Measurement Pty Ltd staff can provide upgrades and extend current system capabilities at a substantial cost savings. These may be in the form of new digital controllers, indicators, software products, extensometers, grips/fixtures, or environmental chambers and baths.


For assistance or pricing  on this machine or any other retrofits that may be required on your machine, staff at PCS Measurement Pty Ltd are only to pleased to help.